Jan. 5th, 2012

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These are the little things I think about to make the time pass.

1) Anybody caring enough about me/my work* that they'd listen to/read me ramble about where [the] ideas come from.

2) Having a conversation with Quentin, Robert, Terry or Kevin about their work and mine. 

3) Getting a call at my job that my flick made Sundance/Tribeca/Cannes/Venice/Toronto

4) Hosting a screening at the Riverview even if it's out of my own pocket, even if it's only the people I already know and/or are in the movie.** 

5) Having a movie poster with my name hanging on my wall, even if it's the only one that exists. 

6) Doing a search on Netflix/IMDB and seeing my name come up as a hit. 

7) Meet Johnny Depp. 

8) Meet Cumberbatch

9) Meet Stuart

10) Meet Bale

11) Ewan

12) You probably get the idea by this point. 

13) O'Toole before he kicks it. 

14) Being the one person external to Pixar at this moment who they think could do a Pixar worthy movie.***

15) sitting in a screening room watching my flick play.

And why do I day dream these?

Cause it keeps me motivated.  

*My work being my writing/filmmaking not adjudicating disability claims. 
**I actually have faith that I might be able to do better than that as the play did remarkably well considering we all were no names. 
***Okay that's not a baby step dream


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