Jun. 29th, 2012

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Of course that "This" will take off. Whatever the "This" is of the moment one hopes. (In the current time for me it's being a successful documentarian.)

The problem with the dreaming is that during enforced down time (my subject for the doc doesn't perform again until Decemberish) is that I can dream beyond my means.

"Of course let's rent a RED camera!"

"We'll pay all the crew!"

(We haven't even thrown up the Kickstarter yet to determine if we're going to have enough for renting gear and compensating me and the doc subject yet.)

The problem with the downtime is it's easy to get lost in minutiae too, To get overwhelmed. ("Even just renting it's gonna cost me almost 2 months of my salary from my day job. what am I getting into?" "How do I pick a good 2nd operator, or worse yet how do I pick a 3rd person to operate cameras so I can be director?" "what if no one funds the kickstarter?" "what if it's just me and the ensemble and the ensemble's family, can we come up with the $XXXXX.XX needed?")

I need distractions. I feel a little like the movie making equivalent of Sherlock.

"I need a case!"
"You just Solved one by harpooning a dead pig apparently!"
"that was this morning, when's the next one?"

I just want to be making movies for a living... that's all.


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