Feb. 22nd, 2012 09:37 pm
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1) released from physical therapy, there is nothing more they can do for me other than my body taking time to heal further and grow strong. This produces mixed feelings. On the one hand, one less thing to juggle my schedule around. on the other, there's nothing to do to make me more better, faster. 
2) conquered every attempt for tech to stymie me. 
3) Life imitated my own art. Though not with the enthusiasm of a certain performer in the film. 
4) did taxes, getting money back. Yay. 
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 FInally after three years of wanting a sofa.... 

A friend bought one herself and gave me the old (still in fairly excellent shape) one.  AND A COFFEE TABLE... One that I used to eat at as a small child. 

The homemaker faeries visited my house on Monday.
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Work in progress... But I'm having a lot of fun writing it.  Pardon the formatting loss it is supposed to be a screenplay

ADRIAN HELSING, mid-thirties and overly pale, rubs his face as he sits up naked in the dark bunk.  He runs his hands through his shagged blond hair. 

He SIGHS as he slides on a pair of delicate gold rimmed spectacles and reaches for a fold set of white scrubs and begins to dress himself. 

Adrian stands and raises the shade revealing a purple planet and a star-scape.  

He smiles at the view and leaves the cabin. 

The lab is a glistening white, sterile space.  Equipment is arranged in the small room such that one person could easily work all of it with a minimal amount of walking and turning. 

Adrian stands at a workstation, typing on a small touch screen tablet. 

He strikes a button and a headshot of a young brunette woman appears on the screen.  When adrian speaks he has a slight Welsh accent. 

Computer, bring pod...

He checks the screen again

Thirty-one forty to lab two and begin waking protocol.  

The computer CHIRPS and Adrian OPENS drawers pulling out medical equipment, including two empty blood bags arranging the tools on a plastic tray.    


Lab two is a little larger than lab one, but just as sterile looking. 

The brunette woman, mid-twenties, lies in an open coffin like metallic tube wearing purple scrubs.  The number "3140" is written on it in several places accompanied by a bar code. 

Adrian enters as she rubs her face. 

Good morning, take it slowly. 

The woman GROANS and nods her head weakly. 

Adrian sets the tray down with a CLICK on a small rolling table.  He smiles, carefully avoiding revealing his teeth, as he picks up the tablet once more.  

Now, first things first, What is your name?

On the screen: BETHANY FOLEY appears next to the head shot.  

Bethany Foley. 


He taps the screen. 

Now what is your role in the mission?

I am an artistic cultural liaison should it be needed. 

Adrian nods and smiles to set the tablet aside, taking up a small tube like device. 

Two for two.  That's good to see. 

He steps over to Bethany. 

Have other people failed?

About one out of a hundred has trouble.  Now, open your eyes please. 

Bethany opens her eyes and blinks them shut almost instantly. 

Computer, lower the lights fifty percent. 

The computer CHIRPS and the lights dim.  Bethany opens her eyes and they stay open this time. 

Adrian quickly runs his device across her eyes and stands up. 

When you're ready please sit up. 

He begins making entries into the tablet.  Bethany slowly pushes herself to sit on the edge of the tube. 

Do I eat at some point?

Are you hungry?

Adrian turns, poised to enter her answer on the tablet.

Not yet. 

Adrian smiles, again not showing teeth when he does. 

If, during the course of the exercises, you get hungry, we will feed you. 

Adrian ROLLS the small table over to Bethany.   

Bethany eyes the blood bags and other medical utensils suspiciously. 

It's standard protocol...

He runs an alcohol swab over the bend of her left arm. 

Then before we put you back under we draw another. 


Test samples. 

Bethany still looks nervous. 

That's a lot of testing. 

Indeed.  But we're all part of a grand experiment aren't we?

I gotta tell ya doc I'm kind of squeamish about needles. 

Adrian Smiles, this time showing a set of perfect, white teeth. 

Look right. 

Bethany does and Adrian's hands fly by her left arm. 

And the worst part is over. 

Bethany looks down at her arm.  

A tube is inserted and the blood bag is beginning to fill.  

Wow, that was fast...

You're still probably sluggish from cryo. 

Adrian smiles.  He turns on a second tablet computer and sets it on the table in front of Bethany. 

Complete the questions as indicated on the screen.  You are being timed, when you've completed I'll collect you. 

Adrian lifts the tray and collecting his own tablet leaves the lab. 
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But as a sign of progress in my healing, I can handle the minimum required by the city, with a snowfall like our last one. 

I don't have to sit here worrying about getting fined if Dad can't/won't make it over as long as it's not a very deep, very wet snow. 

Yay progress. 
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I need to make strong backed (and armed) friends fast... 

I've got a free sofa that is much better than my current sofa available and the only cost to me is I have to move it. My mom knows someone with a truck so I just need bodies at the family friends house and then my house. 

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Please watch, please give me feedback, this is my final for my incomplete class.

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 What a wonderful time we live in... 

I've just completed and submitted several of my assignments for the semester And I won't set foot on campus again until Wednesday. 

And I did it in my pyjamas, cause I'm awesome like that.
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My appeal was successful. I get to go to school. 
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These are the little things I think about to make the time pass.

1) Anybody caring enough about me/my work* that they'd listen to/read me ramble about where [the] ideas come from.

2) Having a conversation with Quentin, Robert, Terry or Kevin about their work and mine. 

3) Getting a call at my job that my flick made Sundance/Tribeca/Cannes/Venice/Toronto

4) Hosting a screening at the Riverview even if it's out of my own pocket, even if it's only the people I already know and/or are in the movie.** 

5) Having a movie poster with my name hanging on my wall, even if it's the only one that exists. 

6) Doing a search on Netflix/IMDB and seeing my name come up as a hit. 

7) Meet Johnny Depp. 

8) Meet Cumberbatch

9) Meet Stuart

10) Meet Bale

11) Ewan

12) You probably get the idea by this point. 

13) O'Toole before he kicks it. 

14) Being the one person external to Pixar at this moment who they think could do a Pixar worthy movie.***

15) sitting in a screening room watching my flick play.

And why do I day dream these?

Cause it keeps me motivated.  

*My work being my writing/filmmaking not adjudicating disability claims. 
**I actually have faith that I might be able to do better than that as the play did remarkably well considering we all were no names. 
***Okay that's not a baby step dream
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I love how geeky neil is sometimes... Give me hope.

"Many exciting and wonderful things have happened in the time that I have been not-blogging. For example, I was quoted by Tom Stoppard."
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Dear universe,

Fuck. You. I'm going to do it no matter what you try to throw in my way.

I have no fall back position, you've pushed me to the wall, there is nowhere left for me to retreat.

Do you understand what that means universe?

It means I have no choice but to fight you. It means I will swing. I will slash and you will hurt.

I will leave my mark on this world and it will be glorious because you are making me fight for it all the more.

So what, you want to force me to take it one class at a goddamned time? Fine.

You want me to live on ramen and macaroni? fine.

Screw you, I'll win in the end.

You'll see.
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Except for people who don't know what they want to be when they grow up until they're thirty.

I may be cut off from my financial aid because I haven't been able to complete a degree in all my previous attempts and all my transferred credits that are helping me complete the requirements of the degree in terms of gen ed's are Loosing me credit hours to apply to my course specific work.

Or it may be that I broke my arm and have a single incomplete for last semester.

It's hard to tell from the letter.

But I have the right to appeal.
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we ned too tech pepole two yous cammas an two pruf reed.
asspeshulie eshpashuly aw screw dat
In kawestons most of al.
I am need ded twoo tech pepole.

Brilliant manifesto, no?

And I'm sorry things like Sylvan and Huntington learning center are total Bull Funky. made to rip off parents with no control over their kids or the next generation of brats they've bred. (But if they'll hire me for high five figures or better I'll consider working for them. what I care about are the students and their comprehension.) why not go volenteeer as a tutor in your kids school. It'd be cheaper than working overtime to pay for your little darling to learn how to pass tests to then flunk out or get kicked out of college.

*momentarily distracted by news, resulting in happy dance.*
WHOOO HOOO!!!!! FOR ONCE FUCKING GYM CLASS IS BEING CUT BY THE BUDGETS!!! TAKE THAT YOU STUPID FUCKING REPUBLICANS WITH "I NEED TAX CUTS! BOO HOO HOO!" HAH NOW YOUR KIDS'LL BE FAT PREGNANT BY SIXTEEN AND WILL STILL FAIL THE STUPID STANDARDS TESTS YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS CONCOCT! MUWAHAHAHA... AND THEN THE SUBURBS WILL BE RIPE FOR THE PICKING BY THE LIBERALS WHO KNOW "Walk softly and carry a Big stick" BECAUSE THEY LEARNED THEY'RE FUCKING HISTORY. WE'LL FIGHT GUERILLA STYLE WARFARE AND YOU'LL LOSE BECAUSE "This isn't how we war-gamed it! That's not fair! The enemy's not playing by Our Rules!" AND WE WILL CONQUER YOU AND FORCE YOUR PREGNANT DAUGHTERS TO HAVE ABORTIONS AND TURN ALL YOUR SONS GAY AND DISSOLVE HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE AND RENDER THE CHURCH POWERLESS. Limp wristed men will Tie you to your flag poles with "God/Deity Bless The Rest Of The World Too." bumperstickers and Feng Shui your houses, . We'll break all your scissors so the men can't cut their hair and shave all the women's Heads. We'll tattoo an upside down cross Or a Pentacle on your forhead and play Heavy metal and punk music all day. We'll only allow you one car and it will be a hybrid if you must have gas. If you want more cars they must be human powered or Solar powered. (Let's see, what else frightens the Republicans?) All Property will be the property of the government and the government is the property of All the people. IT WILL BE A GLORIOUS DAY!
*gasp for breath*

*calms herself.*
What was I saying?

All that from a three minute news story about cutting gym class to be legal and meet the school budget....

Scrapping Physical Education
Rondah Kinchlow, Craig Norkus and Deb Lyngdal
Coming up Thursday night at ten, why physical education classes may be dropped at your child's school.

Last year, the legislature changed the rules and decided p-e was no longer a requirement to graduate. (why couldn't this have happened before I had to suffer through a quarter of Freshman gym in my senior year)

At least 20 Minnesota districts have now reduced or eliminated the course.

It comes at a time when more and more students are overweight and out of shape. (But they pointed out that the Obesity problem existed before they cut the requirement. I was in gym and I am still Fat)

In the Extra -- the debate over this controversial issue and why some people are fighting to get p-e classes back in school.

Muwahahahahaha my plan is working perfectly....

by the way I have a question for the Viagra ad people, "Do you really want your product associated with a gay man who died of AIDS which is a Sexually transmitted disease?"

But let's spend more money for men to get hard ons instead of researching cures for cancer, AIDS parkinsons, Depression... You know Unimportant illnesses....

Gosh this post has gotten very political....
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Posting as an indie vidie you all...

nothing to say just postin...

More Danae

Nov. 6th, 2003 09:52 pm
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Keith is showing danae around the place.

So you live alone here.
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Italicised sections possibly cut/moved for clarity.

It is raining. KEITH BALLERFON stands holding a bloody sword. CASSIUS MAHLERROSE kneels in front of Keith.

The move was mine to make alone.

Keith adjusts his grip on the sword. Cassius raises his head, a single blue eye still functioning. there is fear in his gaze.

I had all the time I needed, I just had to make my move.

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Copyright 2003 Diana Lee Fitzwater all rights reserved.

I don’t want to talk about the divorce. I don’t want to talk about the alcoholism and drug abuse. I really don’t want to talk about the accident and death of my career.Read more... )
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